Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A memorable day

When I was 20 years old , I decided to take a study abroad and I packed my bags and moved to Austria to study music.  Although, it was a wonderful and exciting time in my life, I became homesick.  I, like the other American students,were lucky enough to be invited to Vienna for a party , that was being thrown at the American embassy for the Fourth of July celebration.  The Austrian officials were very thoughtful, they provided us with an "American lunch".  They actually had BBQ and hot dogs and such.  They then had the Vienna Boys choir sing our national anthem.  It was really beautiful.  I started to cry, and for the first time in my life I really felt a deep fondness and pride in my country.  Not that I didn't love my country before, but, I think that it was the first time in my life, I was away, on my own, in a different country, and I realized how much I missed it.

Yesterday, I felt that pride and deep patriotism again.  The Inauguration of Barack Obama was historic on so many levels.  I have never seen, in all my years, so many Americans, openly celebrating one common event that linked all of us together.  There were block parties and inauguration breakfasts all over my neighborhood and the bay area.  Not only that, but there were celebrations all over the world.  The feeling of hope and good will were infectious.  I hope your day was just as joyous.

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